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Kinoma Create at SXSW: Start Making

By Rachel Bennett, Kinoma Marketing Communications Director, Marvell


Innovators descended on Austin, TX for the latest in technology, media, science, and education. The Kinoma team took to the SXSW trade show with a booth that invited all attendees to “Start Making.” Kinoma Create, the JavaScript-powered IoT construction kit, was enthusiastically received.

Everyone who came through understood that Kinoma Create is an ideal platform for prototyping IoT products. The tradeshow was also an opportunity to connect in person with the early adopters who supported our Indiegogo campaign (kicked off at last year’s SXSW).

Internet of Things more of a ‘thing’ this year

Kinoma Create is today’s ideal IoT construction kit. An overwhelming impression from this year’s event is that the IoT is vastly more recognized now as a concept, and an opportunity to make our world smarter and more efficient. JavaScript as the language of IoT has been our passionate position from the start. The importance of this, too, was clearly more understood year-over-year.

The Kinoma Create demos were the focus of our booth, and they illustrated the various ways connected devices could be programmed, built and managed. Everything from NFC, CoAP, beacons, sensors, and ZigBee were used to connect and control robots, security systems, home automation, games, and more.


Visits by luminaries of tech

We were delighted to give a tour of Kinoma Create to Megan Smith, United States Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President. She’s having a great influence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Writer, speaker, futurist, design instructor, and SXSW regular Bruce Sterling stopped by our booth, taking in all the demos.

Austin, stay weird!

We will definitely be back to Austin for SXSW 2016. In the meantime, please connect with us at other upcoming conferences and trade shows in the remainder of this year.

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