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Network Visibility in the Borderless Enterprise – White Paper

By Gidi Navon, Senior Principal Architect, Marvell

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Enterprise networks are changing, adapting and expanding to become a borderless enterprise. Visibility tools must evolve to meet the new requirements of an enterprise that now extends beyond the traditional campus — across multi-cloud environments to the edge.

Much like a brain needs eyes and sensors to function, smart networks in the borderless enterprise need visibility to “see” into the network. Network visibility is now more important than ever to help drive smart networking infrastructure that is intent-based, automated and self-healing. As the borderless enterprise grows, the amount and type of network users as well as the complexity of networks are continuously evolving. Visibility tools are pivotal to supporting these transitions.

To be predictive and to safely navigate through this digital transformation, networks need to be built from switches that look beyond the obvious and provide intelligent telemetry information. Such information can be analyzed and provide proactive infrastructure automation, forensic analytics and mitigations.

To learn about the state-of-the-art visibility tools and how they are evolving to address the new smart borderless enterprise networks, download the white paper:

marvell network visibility borderless enterprise whitepaper

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