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Superior Performance in the Borderless Enterprise – White Paper

By Gidi Navon, Senior Principal Architect, Marvell

Superior Performance in the Borderless Enterprise – White Paper

The current environment and an expected “new normal” are driving the transition to a borderless enterprise that must support increasing performance requirements and evolving business models. The infrastructure is seeing growth in the number of endpoints (including IoT) and escalating demand for data such as high-definition content. Ultimately, wired and wireless networks are being stretched as data-intensive applications and cloud migrations continue to rise.

A refresh cycle of the enterprise network is necessarily transpiring. Innovative devices with high-speed SerDes and new Ethernet port types fabricated in advanced process nodes are achieving higher performance and scale on similar power envelopes. This refresh includes next-generation stackable switches for the access layer connected to Wi-Fi access points; alongside these are evolving aggregation switches with high-speed fiber transceivers and core switches based on new chassis architectures. 

For an in-depth analysis of the performance requirements of the borderless enterprise, with solutions based on the newly announced Prestera® devices to help address these needs, download the white paper.

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