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Supporting Our Communities

By Rebecca O'Neill, Global Head of ESG, Marvell

and Sandy Rodriguez, Sr. Compliance Analyst, Marvell

At Marvell, we are committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work. Our community engagement focuses on three key pillars:

  • Humanitarian endeavors supporting organizations that combat hunger, poverty and homelessness
  • Investing in innovative K–12 educational programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
  • Championing community projects or initiatives to enrich the lives of our neighbors

The company will also match employee donations up to $500 per calendar year when an employee makes a donation to a nonprofit aligned with our philanthropic pillars. In addition, we launched a volunteer time off program, offering employees up to three days or 24 hours of paid time off per year to volunteer for causes they care about and support organizations working in our pillar areas. We aim to have at least 20% of our employees participate in our volunteer time off and employee match programs. Both of these endeavors are offered globally.

In both 2021 and 2022, Marvell was named to San Francisco Business Times’ Top 100 Bay Area Corporate Philanthropists and the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Top 50 Corporate Philanthropists in recognition of its local philanthropic work and corporate giving.
Some examples of impacts we’ve made include:

  • Humanitarian Endeavors –
    • Marvell set up a temporary Ukraine Refugee Relief Fund to provide support to the Ukrainian people. Several nonprofit organizations aiding in humanitarian activities such as providing food, aid, shelter, education, healthcare or protection were included in the campaign. Marvell matched employee donations to eligible organizations dollar for dollar up to $2,500.
    • As part of a long-standing partnership with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, a food bank located near our Santa Clara, California, offices, we have helped provide over 3.7 million meals for the community since 2008.
  • Investing in STEM Educational Programs – We are especially passionate about reaching underrepresented groups — especially girls and women — to ensure the next generation of innovators is diverse and inclusive. We are corporate sponsors of The Tech Interactive, a California-based science and technology center, and support the Tech Challenge competition for fourth to twelfth graders who use the engineering design process to solve real-world problems, and Girls@TheTech, a luncheon that focuses on gender inclusion in tech and inspiring the next generation of women to lead the industry.
  • Giving Back to Communities –
    • Our colleagues in Argentina participated in the Native Forest Reforestation project and planted 400 native trees in “La Hoyada”, a hydric reserve in Córdoba, Argentina. Marvell employees and park rangers volunteered their time to plant these trees to create a positive change for their community.
    • When the pandemic hit, Marvell India answered the call for supplies in the state of Karnataka. Confronted with an acute shortage of oxygen ventilators at a local hospital, Marvell provided them for COVID-19 patients. After vaccinations became available, we provided laptops to several government health centers in the region to help track pre-vaccination counseling and post-vaccination support for marginalized community members.

More information can be found in our recently published 2022 ESG report.


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