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Advancing Opportunities for Women in Technology: Lyndsi Parker’s Story

By Liz Du, Director, Marvell

The women of Marvell have always been a source of inspiration and innovation, but Women’s History Month in March prompts us to shine the spotlight on what they mean to the company. This is especially important in engineering and technology where women are traditionally underrepresented.

Marvell is trying to change that through Women@Marvell and the Tech Women mentoring program. These programs offer unique opportunities to learn skills, get guidance and support, find professional mentors, and advance in their careers.

Lyndsi Parker, a Senior Director in Marvell’s Central Engineering group, serves as mentor in the Tech Women program and connects with colleagues who share her passion for helping women succeed in the industry. According to Lyndsi, the organization allows women to bring their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and ideas out into the open. “We’ve been able to look specifically at what is the experience of women in our central engineering group,” she said. “What do women experience, what do they see? Do they feel like they are heard? Are there improvements that we need to be making?”

Marvell deliberately creates a trusted space for this sort of honest dialogue because we want employees to know and feel their value, and to understand there are no guardrails placed on their capacity to innovate. As Lyndsi has observed, Marvell tends to stoke the fire of creativity, passion and growth, not stifle it: “Personally, I have seen how Marvell encourages individuals to own their career trajectory and find opportunities to expand themselves.”

Advancing, or even maintaining, a career has been especially challenging for women in the last few years. Remote work pulled back the curtain on working moms (and dads) to reveal the daily challenge of juggling personal and professional lives. It was not uncommon for parents to conduct Zoom meetings at the kitchen table as small children played loudly in the background or a toddler sat sweetly on a mother’s lap.

Then, and now, Lyndsi Parker is grateful for Marvell’s embrace of remote work and work-life balance. “I have felt extremely supported by Marvell to be able to both prioritize my family and have a significant contribution at work and continue to find success here,” she said.

And Marvell does more than just talk about these values. Executives demonstrate the importance of family and home life in their actions. According to Lyndsi, “Marvell sets that example in their leadership about that being a priority and that trickles down.”

Watch the video to hear more about Lyndsi’s experience at Marvell.

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