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The Internet of Things — What it Takes to Accelerate to Mass Adoption

By Philip Poulidis, Vice President and General Manager, IoT and Mobile Business Units, Marvell

Home Automation

From thermostats to lighting, the Internet of Things (IoT) is already happening—it’s happening all around us—one “thing” at a time. But what will it take to accelerate to the mass adoption that Gartner projects will lead to 30 billion IoT units shipped by 2030?*

I believe that first and foremost, there must be a strong IoT ecosystem in place for mass adoption to accelerate. It will be the ecosystem that drives and shapes the industry for the developer community and the end user. In fact, the connected devices industry was just given a big boost recently with Apple’s introduction of HomeKit in iOS 8. HomeKit is a new framework that delivers a common protocol for simple set up and communication with devices in the home, including integration with Siri.

Marvell recently unveiled a new wireless product family, the Marvell’s EZ-Connect™ software platform, which features the Marvell® MW300 Wi-Fi microcontroller, the MB300 Bluetooth microcontroller, and the MZ100 ZigBee microcontroller. The Marvell MW300 now supports HomeKit and makes integration easy for device manufacturers to add the ability for their customers to securely pair and control devices throughout the home. Information about the Marvell MW300 is available now in this press release.

By delivering device components and software development kits, and making the interfaces available to developers with well-defined Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), OEMs can bring products to market more quickly, while the developer community has access to the interfaces needed to explore and develop every feature and function to create exciting and fun new user applications – both of which are highly essential to mass IoT adoption.

IoT delivers on the promise of a world of connected devices and connected people. It will make current devices smarter and provide a whole new way of interacting with newly created connected devices and applications.

* From the October 2013 Gartner report, “The Battle for the Internet of Things,” by Al Velosa, Gartner Research Director Semiconductors & Electronics.

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