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Marvell is a Member of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium

By Rebecca O'Neill, Global Head of ESG, Marvell

I am delighted to announce that Marvell is a Member of the new Semiconductor Climate Consortium. We have been active participants of the group over the past several months and are happy to share that the Climate Consortium is publicly launching today.

Why a Consortium? 

Acknowledging that climate action is collective action, Marvell has joined the Semiconductor Climate Consortium to work collaboratively with other semiconductor companies that have also embarked on a carbon reduction journey, to accelerate climate solutions and drive progressive climate action within our industry value chain. 

The Consortium is an initiative of SEMI, the industry association serving the global electronics design and manufacturing supply chain, and it brings together all parts of the semiconductor ecosystem, including manufacturers, equipment providers, and fabless solutions providers such as Marvell. Everyone has a role to play in advancing the industry’s progress on addressing climate change. The Consortium believes that by working together, member companies will bring collective knowledge and innovative technologies to do so much more than one company can do alone. 

The Consortium recognizes the challenge of climate change and works to speed semiconductor industry value chain efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including through support of the Paris Agreement and related accords driving the 1.5°C pathway.  

What are the Focus Areas of the Consortium? 

The Climate Consortium is the first global collaborative of semiconductor companies focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the value chain, and it is founded on three pillars:  

  • Collaboration – Align on common approaches, technology innovations and communications channels to continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the semiconductor industry value chain.  
  • Transparency – Work toward publishing annual progress reports on reductions in Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions.  
  • Ambition – Set near- and long-term decarbonization targets with the aim of reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050.  

What else is Marvell doing on climate? 

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post,as a multinational company with numerous stakeholders and partners around the globe, Marvell has a responsibility to help address climate-related impacts. Recognizing that climate change requires urgent action, we’ve taken proactive steps to enhance our climate strategy by beginning the process to set a company-wide Science-Based Target (SBT) and putting ourselves on a path to net zero carbon emissions. Our carbon reduction target will be aligned with a 1.5°C climate scenario, supporting the goals of the Paris Agreement and it will cover both our direct operations as well as a broader value chain.  

What’s Next? 

The Climate Consortium will be featured at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) that is taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt this year. It will be recruiting further members and we will encourage our peers to join the group. 

Marvell is looking forward to collaborating with the Consortium’s member companies and to help drive climate action within our industry. 

Learn more about the Semiconductor Climate Consortium. See the SCC press release 

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