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Collaborative Culture is More Than a Buzzword at Marvell: Sameer Vaidya’s Story

By Liz Du, Director, Marvell

It’s not uncommon for employees in the technology industry to switch companies often, in a bid to expand their skills, find new teams, and take on more interesting challenges. Sameer Vaidya, Director of Validation Engineering, was no different. He only planned to stay six months at Marvell before moving on to continue growing his career. But the company’s collaborative culture and passion for innovation hooked him. This, along with the authority and support he received from Marvell’s leadership along the way, gave Sameer the confidence he needed to be successful. Two decades later, Sameer displays that same excitement when discussing his Marvell colleagues. “The people that I get to work with on a day-to-day basis, it really makes a difference,” Sameer said.

For Sameer, collaboration is more than a buzzword in a company values statement. It’s an essential ingredient to bringing novel ideas to life. “Without this collaboration, if we can’t execute, we can’t be successful,” he said.

This philosophy was put to the test recently when Sameer and his team were developing a new chip in the lab. The first few days were both hard and fun, but they hit a snag when a certain IP did not work, compromising the entire project. Sameer brought in colleagues from different areas of the company. “Everybody came in and we literally debugged the issue live over a Zoom call until we removed that roadblock, and we started working again,” he said.

Experiences like these are why Sameer has remained at Marvell for nearly 20 years. Obstacles are simply no match for the force multiplier of collaborative problem-solving. “Being able to execute with that thoroughness and rigor, that is the key component that makes or breaks a company,” according to Sameer. “That’s really what makes it for me.”

Listen to more of Sameer’s experience at Marvell.

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